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bulletSwanson House - Home Office of the Clive Historical Society.
bulletMuseum - Restoration of original "General Store" & Post Office.

 Side view of the restored General Store, from the House

Built in 1911 for the purpose of income and living quarters for Mrs. Sena Swanson and her 5 small children.  >>>>>,>>>>>,>>>>>,>>>>>,>>>>>. 

Quoted from Mildred Swanson.

"In the fall of 1911 my mother was left a widow with five small children, ages ranging from 5 months (Mildred) to 10 years old.  She left the farm in Grimes and built her home in Clive with the help of friends and neighbors.  It was in this General Store and Post Office that she raised her family.  Our home was very plain.  No carpet on the floors.  We lived in the upstairs.  Only the living room was papered.  The downstairs was used for the store, post office and general storage."  

Mrs. Sena Swanson ran the store from 1911 to 1929.  At that time it was turned into a two story house where Sena and Mildred lived out the rest of their lives.  

Upon Mildred's death in 1991, she left the property in trust to the City of Clive with the stipulation that it be developed into a park.  The city had no desire to work with the structure (house) and came to the historical society to see if they would want to restore the house to some functional capacity and manage it.  For the Historical Society, it was a blessing in disguise. No one would wish for Mildred's death, but with this property, a plan was devised for allowing the old depot to be moved across the street instead of to the new CAMPBELL PARK and a promise was make to RESTORE the house to the original GENERAL STORE.   

1940s picture of the Swanson Family.  

left to right..
Charles, Sena, Mildred, Ester, Eileen, Agnes 

A more detailed description of the "General Store", by Mildred Swanson.    

For Pictures of the House.  

Clive Historical Society
8641 Swanson Blvd.
PO Box 71262
Clive, IA  50325

Established - 1989

For more information or to make an appointment to visit the Museum contact Linda
We would love to have you and welcome any chance to give a personal tour. 
Come with your lunch and visit the park.  Our windows are always good for a "look see."