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Our Next Event!!!


Clive Historical Society

Where History Never Sleeps!

Labor Day Fun in the Park!

Monday 9/7/15 - 3:00 to 5:00

Come for a little, come for it all.

Play like the good old days.

See the Premier Opening of the “History Never Sleeps” video production.

Produced by David Munoz. Munoz Video Productions, Inc.


Swanson House and Clive Depot open for touring






Progress continues to be made with
acquiring artifacts for the kitchen.      


New Shed:  A new shed for storage has been built to the west
of the Clive Depot.  It's design is similar to the depot and
is already being put to good use.





1911 - 2011

Swanson General Store

Celebrated its "Centennial"
Year with an Open House on August 26, 2011
Displays: Butter Churning
Corn Shelling
Stereopticon and Pictures

A good time was had by all,  the butter churning was a favorite and tasting it on a slice of bread was awesome.
Popcorn was shelled by hand and then popped for another tasty treat.

Checking things out

Speeches by Linda, Jim and Scott

Three Mayors, Maddox, Cirksena
& Aasheim

The Porch Stompers



Most Recent - Summer of 2009

Park Swing - Donated in memory of
Wes Franklin


People have been asking about tours of the Museum.
We thank you for your interest and apologize if your inquiry was missed. 

The site is not open on a daily basis, unfortunately.  Wishful thinking on our part.  Volunteers  welcome though if you are interested.

Tours by appointment only.

  You may contact CHS at this link   
for tours and information

Park Bench - Donated by the
Clive Good Idea Club

New siding and new signage
pretty flowers

Fall 2009

Track sign properly painted

Reames Noodle Factory


Fisher Gas Station

Fisher Gas Station

Clive Depot
This is the earliest picture we have.
Depot built in 1882

How it looks today in it's current location
in Swanson Park

Milwaukee Railroad.  Notice the changes in siding - Clive Depot 

Post Cards of Clive Depot in various stages of usage.  At the time of the lower photo, it was no longer a depot but a storage facility.

Pictures, pictures, we would love to add pictures ...
right up to today. 

Early Clive - Our roots begin here

Clive Depot



First General Store

Class room of the second school in Clive.


Walnut Hill Township school picture - 1917

Do YOU recognize these pictures.   They are part of the Historical Society's Archives



For example:
Click here for full size picture.

An Early picture of the Clive Fire Department as been donated.

Click on thumbnail for larger view.  This is a large file so be patient. 

Names are needed!!!

---CHS Board of Directors

Clive Historical Society
8641 Swanson Blvd.
PO Box 71262
Clive, IA  50325

Established - 1989

For more information or to make an appointment to visit the Museum contact Linda
We would love to have you and welcome any chance to give a personal tour. 
Come with your lunch and visit the park.  Our windows are always good for a "look see."